Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Raekwon, Capone-N-Noreaga at Masquerade

This Saturday, Raekwon returns to Atlanta for his Only Built for Cuban Linx Pt 2 tour.

He's bringing Capone-N-Noreaga with him, and a shitload of dope ATL folks are opening.

Full lineup:
Queen Yonasa
Senor Kaos
The Nice Guise

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A3C Festival Starts TONIGHT. Here are my picks.

DJ Premier - @ The Earl on Saturday
also here - Marco Polo, Diamond D, and more

Jake One - @ the Earl on Friday
also here - DJ Apple Jac, DJ Lord, and more. This will be a DJ battles featuring some of the best using only 45s!

Jake One has produced for Casual, MF DOOM, De La Soul, 50 Cent, and a bunch of other heads across the board.

Speakeasy Showcase @ the 529 on Saturday
People Under the Stairs, Clan Destined, The Nice Guise, Arablak, DJ Dug Boogie

Speakeasy always does it up big with the live graffiti too. It will be visible from the 529 patio.

Black Sheep and El Da Sensei @ the Graveyard on Thursday
El Da Sensei is one half of The Artifacts

Lee Harvey Oswald @ The Graveyard on Friday
You already know

Duck Down Records Showcase @ The Icehouse on Friday
with Buckshot, Da Beatminerz, Marco Polo and Torae. I bet money KRS-one will be there.

Paten Locke @ The 529 on Saturday evening
Also Dillon and Willie Evans Jr.

Beatz and Lyrics 10th anniversary @ The Icehouse on Thursday
with J-Live, Supastition, DJ Deliver and more

I Wear the Crown MC Battle @ the 529 on Friday

Red Bull Music Acadamy @ the Earl on Thursday
with Manchild, Mad Illz, and more ill MCs from last weeks RED BULL EM SEE competition

www.a3cfestival.com for more info

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Upcooming Stuff in ATL

Last Tuesday - Raekwon's Only Built for Cuban Links 2 dropped. If you haven't got it yet... just get it.

September 19 @ Masquerade Music Park - Goodie Mob Reunion w/ Youngbloodz, Pastor Troy and more.
Big Boi said he'll be there too.

Big Boi Speaks on the Sir Lucious Leftfoot album from www.mauricegarland.com on Vimeo.

September 22 - Black Milk is playing at Lenny's and it costs $15 so fuck that.

September 26th at the Loft - Slaughterhouse (Joe Budeen, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, and Royce Da 5'9") w/ Killer Mike, Senor Kaos, Stanza, The Regime, and Small Eyez

October 1-3 @ in every venue in East Atlanta (plus the 5 spot for some bad reason)- The 5th annual A3C Hip Hop Festival featuring performances from DJ Premier, Buckshot, Rakim, People Under the Stairs, Black Sheep, El Da Sensei, Marco Polo and Torae, Tanya Morgan, UNI, Diamond District, 9th Wonder, B.o.B, Diamond D (D.I.T.C.), J-Live, Kev Brown, Supastition, and a ton of locals, but where's BINKIS?!
Tickets for 3 Days are $33 and available through ticket alternative. I heard there wasn't whole lot of em so get em now!

October 6th at the Drunken Unicorn: Mayer Hawthorne and the County w/ Buff 1 and The Nice Guise.

November 4th at Lenny's: King Khan returns to Atlanta w/ BBQ for the King Khan and BBQ show.

November 5th at the Tabernacle: Mastodon and Dethklok! New Dethklok album leaked and it's fantastic.

Celebrity Crimes You May Have Forgotten About

Tim Allen snitching, Rick James raping and torturing and more fun! From Cracked.com

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Billy's Balls

And here he is doing the same thing with a basketball at a skateark. Sorry no embed code.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Upcoming Events in the ATL

On Saturday August 15th, Scienz of Life are performing at Apache w/ some folks I'm unfarmiliar with.

On August 22nd at The Bench, there is a large scale hip hop benefit show going down. Admission is only $10 and it gets you access to almost every good local hip hop artist in ATL plus Bonecrusher, Akil from Jurassic 5, and some wack fools. Theres also gonna be battles for every element. Lets see if they can pull this off. Here's the flyer:

On September 3rd at the 529, Solillaquists of Sound are doing a show with Lee Harvey Oswald. I haven't found a flyer for this yet.

On September 19th, Goodie Mob reunion at the Masquerade Music Park. This is going to be crazy!!!! All 4 members will be there along with other Dungeon Fam. Hopefully Witchdoctor will stay home.

On October 1-3 it's the A3C Hip Festival. This year it's taking over EVERY VENUE in East Atlanta. Confirmed artists include B.O.B., Rakim, and People Under the Stairs.

Edan Interview

Edan discusses his live show and 2 upcoming projects.

Señor Kaos Interviews Edan from Señor Kaos on Vimeo.

Anybody got a finished flick of that Warriors burner in the background?

De La Soul w/ Phife and Jarobi

This past Friday at the Masquerade, De La Soul brought out Phife and Jarobi (aka The Other Half) from A Tribe Called Quest to perform w/ them. Phife and Jarobi mentioned that they might be dropping an album together sometime in the next 2 years.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Edan live at the Apache Cafe TONIGHT!

Edan is performing live tonight at the Apache Cafe. It's the only thing we've updated about since the news, so it must be good.

Mixtapes at www.speakeasypromo.podomatic.com

Here's the full line up:
Edan w/ guest Dagha
Noot D' Noot
Lee Harvey Oswald
The Nice Guise
Newberry Jam
Zone 3
DJ Grizzly
Live Graffiti


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Devin the Dude at Apache Last Month

Commercial and Mixtape for Speakeasy Six

Mixtape is available at www.speakeasypromo.podomatic.com . There is an Edan track on there that's not on any album.

Edan Live:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Upcoming Stuff to Do in ATL

Tonight July 3 - The Spooks and Zoroaster play Eyedrum as a benefit for WRAS (88.5)

Saturday July 4 - Noot D' Noot plays Smith's Old Bar

Friday July 10 - Catalyst and Ty-vicious are The Nice Guise album release party at the 529.

Monday July 13 - Sonic Youth plays Variety Playhouse

Thursday July 16 - Irreversible plays the 529

Saturday, July 18 - Senor Kaos and Boog Brown open for Stat Quo (w/ live band) at Apache Cafe

Only 2 good hip hop shows this month?! That can't be right.

On August 1st EDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ Apache Cafe w/ Noot D' Noot, Lee Harvey Oswald, Newberry Jam, The Nice Guise (DREAM LINEUP)
29 days and counting.

Sever Again

Coming soon: The Juse Post

Monday, June 15, 2009

More Hip Hop Shows For You

This Thursday, June 18th @ Apache Cafe, it's Mr. S.O.S.'s album release party. The event is completely FREE and features performances from Chapter 13, Cashmere the Pro, and Deacon and Kno from Cunninlynguists. The absence of Natti from the Cunninlyguists line-up (plus the presence of S.O.S.) can only mean one thing: Lots of tracks from "SouthernUnderground". Sounds great.

Then on Friday @ the Apache Cafe, Devin the Dude is performing. Come equipped with blunts, you might even get a free Devin the Dude ash tray. Unfortunately this one's twenty bucks.

This ones not quite hip hop, but close enough. Noot D' Noot is having their album release part at the Earl on Saturday the 20th. Their new recordings are supposed to sound more like their live show than last year's 'Goofer Dust'.

Sunday at The Bench is the 2nd annual Indie Hip Hop Fest. The line-up is pretty fuckin' weak. B.O.B. headlines, Mickey Factz will be there, Stacy Epps, I think I saw Newberry Jam w/ Catalyst and Ty-vicious in a 2 point font at the bottom of the flyer. Besides them, it's all a bunch of trendy swag 'hipster' rappers. I'll probably miss this one.

On Tuesday the 23rd at Cenci, DJ Dug Boogie and Floyd the Locsmif will be spinning and it's free for everyone. I saw these guys DJing together at the J-Live show and they held it down somethin serious. There will also be give-aways from Frank 151 of the new Grand Puba and U-God albums.

Friday June 26th at the Foriegn Exchange Cafe in the west end, Sadat X (from Brand Nubian) will be performing live with Clan Destined, Jawz of Life and more.

On July 10, Catalyst and Ty-vicious are having a record release party at the 529 with Newberry Jam and DJ Slim Chance. It costs $7 to get in, and you get a free copy of the album with admission.

I've heard some rumors about some upcoming shows including Tanya Morgan and The Bush Babies shows. I'll keep you posted.

Oh and I almost forgot.

EDAN is coming to the Apache Cafe on August 1st. OH SHIT!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kaos wylin' out in Fat Beats

"I Should Stop and Start Robbin"

Here is Stanza performing live at the Apache. Pay no attention to that fool Sean Murray dancing like a fool.

Stanza will be on 106 and Park on BET tomorrow representing for ATL.

He is also opening for Camp Lo on Friday at Cenci.

Big Boi and Kid Capri performing in ATL.

They're performing on July 11 at the W hotel in midtown and... it's only $75!!!! Wooooooooooooo!!!!

Bert and Ernie do M.O.P.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camp Lo Video

Camp Lo is performing at Cenci on Friday. They've got a bunch of fresh local acts on the bill too. Binkis Recs, Senor Kaos, Catalyst and Ty-vicious, Stanza and a bunch of DJs. Should be a best bet.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hip Hop Happenings Refresher

What a week it has been... The hip hop continues for the next few weeks too.

Today at the Bench, daytime bbq type-deal w/ Binkis, Stahhr, The Regime (KP, Jawz, Rec, Snub and Shred), Broady, Mojo, and bunch of others and DJs. It's only one dollar.

Thursday, also at the Bench. One Be Lo, Stahhr, Catalyst and Ty-vicious will be performing. There will also be a beat battle putting New Orleans producers against Atliens.

Next Friday, June 5th at Cenci, Camp Lo, Binkis Recs, Senor Kaos and a bunch more. It's $10.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Red and Meth

Check this new track off of Blackout 2, which drops on Tuesday.